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For arts and cultural organizations, complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) means providing access to relevant content and spaces, and providing a superior user experience for all visitors.  We work collaboratively with organizations to provide services that meet their needs at every stage of the accessibility journey.

Tax return

Accessibility Audits

On-site physical audits and transition plans; program audits and transition plans; marketing and collateral review;

website audit.


Keynote Speaking

Looking for a speaker at your event or conference? We have presented at numerous local, regional, and national conferences, both in-person and online.

05_19_23_AAM_ConferenceImages_97 (1).jpg

Staff and Volunteer Training

Customizable trainings (in-person and virtual) covering disability etiquette, language and communication, inclusive touring practices, Universal Design, verbal description, and more.

Web Design

Image Description

Known by many names--verbal description, audio description, verbal imaging--this process is used by museums, arts and cultural organizations, theaters, and TV/Film to provide access to the visual aspects of an object, performance, or space.

Exhibition Space

Exhibition and Program Development

Guidance on adapting currently existing programs, exhibitions, and spaces to be more accessible; developing new programs, exhibitions, and spaces with accessibility at the forefront

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